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Statement from the Metropolitan Regarding Bishop Cliff

Inhibition Lifted After Investigation

Archbishop Anne Germond has issued the statement below following an investigation into the conduct of Bishop William Cliff. The investigators concluded that the evidence did not support the allegation.

Statement from the Metropolitan - The Rt Rev William Cliff
Download PDF • 178KB

Bishop Cliff’s inhibition in the Ecclesiastical Provinces of Ontario and Rupert’s Land are immediately lifted, and he is able to resume his duties as the Bishop of Brandon. There is also no longer any impediment to Bishop William being installed as the thirteenth Bishop of Ontario.

A statement from the Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land is also included below for reference.

Statement from the Metropolitan of RL - August 2nd 2023
Download PDF • 65KB

Bishop Michael Oulton has also issued this pastoral letter to the Diocese of Ontario.

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