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Our Ministries

The Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario gathers clergy and lay people together from its seven dioceses to work collaboratively on areas of common interest, with a focus on theological education and encouraging new vocations to ordained ministry within the province. Contemporary issues such as homelessness, elder care, creation care, truth and reconciliation are also areas of collective action. 

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The Ontario Provincial Commission on Theological Education is made up of members representing the colleges (or programmes) in Ontario involved in Anglican theological education and representatives of each of the seven dioceses. Its mandate is wide-ranging and includes the promotion of Anglican theological colleges, fostering collaboration between dioceses and theological colleges, and monitoring the overall state of theological education.  Funding is also provided to support Anglican theological education in Ontario.​

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Led by the metropolitan, Archbishop Anne Germond, the work and ministry of the ecclesiastical province is governed by a synod that normally meets every three years and a council that meets two times per year. 

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