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A Call to Prayer for the Diocese of Ontario

Prayers invited in the lead up to the episcopal election

Archbishop Anne Germond has issued the following call to prayer for the clergy and people of the Diocese of Ontario as they prepare for their upcoming episcopal election on Saturday 29th April, at St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston.

The Anglican Diocese of Ontario, rooted in Jesus Christ, grounded upon Holy Scripture, the ancient creeds and liturgies of the church, and renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit, is called by God to promote the enabling of communities of disciples.

A Collect for the Episcopal Election

Creator God, You know the hearts and minds of all who gather here. Awaken us to the joy of your loving presenceat this hour and in this place. Help us to hear your living Word in the silence of this sacred time.Grant us the light of discernment as we await the gentle prodding of your gracious Spirit. May our work and prayer and praise this day be to the glory of your Name and the delight and honour of your creation. Amen.

Archbishop Anne also asks that Anglicans across the province uphold in prayer the nominees for the 13th Bishop of the Diocese of Ontario:

  • The Rt. Reverend William Cliff

  • Major the Reverend Canon Bradley Smith

More information about the election can be found here.

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